A Bit About Us

We are ever-evolving, love change and are driven by our passion. We’ve grown from a
small start-up to a thriving business, ten years a part of the biggest global ad

It’s all about the people. We all know each other. We work together, play together, and
are truly more than just a group of people. We genuinely are friends. That sort of
environment doesn’t just happen. It’s because it’s a priority that people fit in and feel
good, not just about their work but at work.

About the Position

Primis is looking for an experienced full-stack developer with emphasis on the backend part and with good web development skills, to work with us in a small and professional team that designs, develops and maintains content and monetization algorithms of Primis products.

Those fields often contain exciting challenges such as algorithm planning and implementation, code performance, software architecture and general creative way of thinking.

The job will also require a deep understanding of the product and includes integrating with other teams and working with people – inside and outside of the company.


Strong knowledge in at least one object-oriented server-side language, preferred PHP or any other: NodeJS, Python, Java, C#

Good understanding of the client/server architecture

At least 2 years of experience in software development

Good understanding of web concepts – DOM, CORS, Ajax etc…

Experience with core Javascript language – understanding of objects, prototypes, event handling and cross-browser challenges

Experience in MySQL or other relational database

Familiarity and/or experience with UNIX/LINUX environment and github

A big advantage – Prior experience in Ad tech, knowledge of concepts including floor price optimizations, header bidding, SSP/DSP, DFP, AdX, Ad networks etc.

Advantage – B.Sc. in Computer Science or Mathematics from a known university

Creative approach to problem-solving

Strong programming, analysis and design skills

Self-motivated and quick learner

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