5 Advertising Companies Making a Difference

5 Advertising Companies Making a Difference
Advertising and ad tech companies have a lot of influence. Advertisers have been said to hold the magic wand of desire, pointing us all toward new trends, determining what we want and what we think we need. With this power and reach, consumers expect companies to do their part and contribute to the greater social and environmental good.

Here are 5 companies that are holding up to their industry-wide responsibilities:


Good-Loop is a UK-based advertising company. Their primary focus is tying charity and purpose to their brand mission. Purpose is a part of their business model and they effectively raise donations and ad engagement simultaneously as a result. Good-Loop donates 50% of all ad proceeds to various charities and uses its platforms to promote ethical accountability.


Scope3 has been a hot name in ad tech this year. The company’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions in the advertising industry. The revolutionary mission is carried out by measuring end-to-end emissions throughout the supply chain. They have also partnered with reputable purpose-driven brands, such as Good-Loop, to make a greater impact.


Another organization with aims to tackle decarbonization in the ad industry is GroupM. They focus on providing transparency and making waves in the media space through calculation and contextual reporting. The data and technological development that they have committed to, proves their innovation is constant and they are looking toward the future.




Reinventing Goodvertising

Purpose Disrupters

The self-proclaimed ‘radical’ Purpose Disrupters target the climate contributions that advertisers are responsible for. Their founders decided to take an issue they all felt strongly about, and took action. They believe the future of advertising can be green, and they want to be the ones to bring it there. By drawing attention to advertising’s carbon footprint and offering alternative methods, Purpose Disruptors aim to work with government agencies to change related policies.

Clean Creatives

Clean Creatives is comprised of a team of strategists, industry leaders, and creatives, who have renounced companies that are threatening the planet. They pride themselves on not working with fossil fuel clients and using climate activism to spread their message. Cutting out these clients is their way of committing to the values they preach and they are doing a stand-up job of sticking to them.