5 Kinds of Finance Content That Will Pay Off

5 Kinds of Finance Content That Will Pay Off

Let’s talk money.

In the words of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”, cash rules everything around us. Whether a first-time investor or an experienced trader, money is a big part of our daily lives.

Finance publishers should look to offer their users contextually relevant, uniquely curated, and enjoyable video content experiences. When it comes to planning what kinds of video content a site needs, it’s crucial to consider variety; publishers can attract new visitors, expand their audiences, and give users the content they want to watch. There is a vast range of finance and business content that users look for, here are the ones you can’t miss out on.

News and Analysis

Whenever there is an economic boom or blow, we all look to news and content for answers and updates. Timing can make-or-break situations of financial distress, and most of us can’t afford to wait around for our news. Users need constant access to relevant news in real-time, and they also need their updates to be paired with reliable analyses.

Too often we hear the latest news about the stock market, but don’t quite understand how we will be affected by these changes. Instead of being left to strategize what this news means for them, users should have access to not only the latest news, but also trustworthy analyses that explain trends and their effects from credible sources such as Bloomberg and Reuters.

Data Generated Videos

Data-generated videos are a solution for creating content quickly and at scale, giving publishers the ability to keep their users informed and tuned in to the latest trends in the market and changes in stock prices. They offer major advantages for publishers due to their high update rate, low cost, and ease of production, making them the gold mine of content.

Investing 101

Not all users are traders at heart— some are still trying to make sense of what their accountant mentioned about their mortgage. Want to help your users with learning more about NFTs and Bitcoin? Educational and skill-building financial content is another highly sought-after finance content variety. Leading providers such as My Trading Skills give users access to finance content such as “how-to’s”, in-depth explanations, and the classic dos and don’ts of financial planning that are all designed to build skillsets of any level.

Personal Finance

When it comes to the day-to-day, managing household money, and making smart financial decisions, knowledge is power. With resources from Money Talks News and PennyGem, navigating one’s finances and expanding financial literacy will be simpler. Do your users need help understanding how to invest? There’s a video for that.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to finance and business, the main objective for publishers should be to support their users’ wants and needs with extensive video content that covers the intricacies of the market, leaving no stone unturned. Publishers who know money matters, know video content matters too. Finding versatile content that meets users’ needs may just be a publisher’s best investment.