5 Video Creation Tools That Won’t Kill Your Budget

5 Video Creation Tools That Won’t Kill Your Budget

Today’s publishers prioritize video content, and they know exactly why. Research shows that US adults spend nearly 1.5 hours a day consuming video content and on average, people spend more than twice as much time on pages with video compared to those without.

On the monetization side, publishers know that advertisers are looking for a more impactful way to reach audiences. In the era of banner blindness, having the ability to capture an audience’s attention is worth its weight in gold, so publishers focus their efforts on creating engaging video content.

Many publishers worry about production costs, lengthy creation times and a lack of flexibility. However, embracing video doesn’t have to be so intimidating as new and innovative tools offer endless possibilities for publishers, without any need for expensive equipment.

The current challenge is choosing the right tool to fit one’s needs. At Primis, we offer our publishing partners access to our content creation team, who use various video creation tools to produce high quality content just for them. In case you want to begin creating your own videos and aren’t one of our partners, I have reviewed five different tools, each offering a unique and interesting approach with its own pros and cons.

1. Wibbitz – Make your voice heard

Wibbitz Video creation voice

What it’s all about: This auto-creation video platform offers advanced AI-based text-to-video capabilities.

Thumbs up: In addition to a large media library and a variety of brand customization options, Wibbitz is constantly improving the platform’s features and its collaborations with visual and audio content platforms. It also offers integrations with other voice-based tools. This March, the company announced a new collaboration with Mail Plus and the Amazon Echo Show.

Thumbs down: The high quality offered by Wibbitz comes with a price and even though it’s still much cheaper than traditional video production, Wibbitz is not only a force, but also a cost to be reckoned with.

2. Magisto – Easy as 1-2-3

magisto voice

What it’s all about: By following three easy steps, Magisto users are able to automatically generate a smart video that fits their needs, based on a library of ready-made templates.

Thumbs up: This simple creation process is also available on Magisto’s mobile apps, and users enjoy a wide array of editing styles that cater to every business goal, special occasion, and mood. Advanced price plans offer more branding and analytics capabilities.

Thumbs down: We can’t know for sure how the very recent purchase by Vimeo will affect Magisto’s capabilities and pricing. Also, the auto-generated video is created at the expense of some control over the editing process.

3. Wochit – Time is money

Wotchit voice

What it’s all about: An end-to-end solution that supports users every step of the way, from the ideation process to a complete video clip.

Thumbs up: Wochit‘s main mission is to save time for publishers and marketers. Even its pricing is time-based. The platform offers millions of content assets to choose from, collaboration options, social media integrations, narration services, and more.

Thumbs down: Once again, you have to pay to play. This may be the most expensive tool reviewed in this post, but there are solid reasons behind this pricing, if you actually need more advanced capabilities.

4. Promo – Show business

promo voice

What it’s all about: Promo by Slidely enables the easy creation of marketing and business videos meant for social media distribution, using customizable templates.

Thumbs up: Promo puts businesses at the center, and it shows. Alongside its intuitive editor, it offers a large content library with both visual and audio assets, and easy conversion of videos to fit different channels.

Thumbs down: The free version offers rather short videos and limited customization options. Since this is a product meant for marketers, these are two crucial capabilities one would have to pay for.

5. Powtoon – Your animation explanation station

Powtoon Voice

What it’s all about: Powtoon is mainly focused on animated videos of the explanatory kind. Elevate your tutorials, intro videos and presentations with a simple solution for what was previously considered the most complex form of video creation.

Thumbs up: Powtoon is perfect for the use cases we’ve mentioned and offers a vast variety of animations to work with. It turns complicated procedures into entertaining experiences. The company also offers exceptional customer service and a strong community to draw inspiration from.

Thumbs down: Working with Powtoon, chances are you’ll meet paywalled content and some buggy BETA features. Less-than-techie users have also reported a difficult first encounter with the interface.

Download the complete guide to video monetization

As you can see, there is a world of options for inexperienced video creators to choose from. Whether you choose to expand your video portfolio with the Primis content creation team, work with one of the tools listed above or outsource the activities entirely, video creation is more accessible than ever. The results can meet the highest standards and even match the look and feel of leading news websites. This exciting video creation revolution gives publishers something far more valuable than a video clip. It provides them with a new sense of creative freedom and the ability to share their message effectively using any form of content.