5 Ways to Make Your Sticky Video User Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Sticky Video User Friendly
Many publishers have an aversion to sticky ad units. They remember bad experiences of oversized, intrusive units that disrupt their readers from their content. However, when executed correctly, they can help publishers increase revenue, while maintaining a positive user experience.

A Positive User Experience

Think of the sticky unit as a way for viewers to consume video on the go. These days, many users don’t just watch a video in a static manner, they want to keep moving. On a website, that means scrolling. In fact, if your unit does not give the option for users to view it while scrolling, you are limiting their control of the content browsing. These are the elements that will balance revenue and user experience just right.



By following these five steps, your sticky unit will be able to provide high revenue without compromising user experience:

  1. Placement - The sticky unit needs to fit your grid perfectly both on desktop and on mobile devices. On desktop, make sure it doesn’t block any content. On mobile, stick it to the bottom or the top, that way it doesn’t obstruct content.

  2. User Control -  Let the user move the unit around when the unit is displayed on Mobile. Whenever possible, grant your users control over their browsing experience.

  3. The X Button - Make sure the x button is visible so that the user can decide whether they’d like to watch or close the unit.

  4. Size - Don't make it too big. If you look at the big platforms, they are using a small unit that is easily accessible for one hand scrolling, and lets you keep exploring for written content as you go.

  5. Content - One of the most important elements is to make sure that the video content that is playing is relevant and actually supports the editorial content.

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Striking the Perfect Balance

Making a video unit sticky has amazing effects on monetization but also introduces several pitfalls for user experience. However, a few simple tactics can be the difference between long-term growth coupled with good user experience, and a bad user experience which will eventually drive away both users and revenue.