Doing Some Good: Purpose as a Business Strategy

Doing Some Good: Purpose as a Business Strategy
Now is the time to rethink your purpose at work. What would make your professional life more rewarding? Is there more that your company can take on?

A problem is the best catalyst. And luckily enough, there are quite a few to tackle in this day and age. As humans, most of us want to better ourselves, our communities, and our world. As business and industry leaders, we should be focusing on similar goals.

Putting “Purpose” in Your Plans

For those of us who do not work at a non-profit organization, most of our day-to-day revolves around revenue, spending, or profit, in one form or another. Money is usually the first thing on our minds. But, what we too oftentimes forget is that our complex business strategies can handle more than one objective; my suggestion is that you choose to incorporate a purpose beyond profit in yours. 

Purpose-driven initiatives weave together everyday business goals with meaningful missions. Charitable donations and once-off activities do not create the same support and commitment that is needed to sustain long-term change. That’s why purpose as a business strategy creates a more lasting impact on the world, and in turn, does the same for the company that implements it. 

Successful business strategies are usually more complex than a straight line leading from point A to point B. Creativity, collaboration, and thoughtfulness are just a few of the key ingredients for a valuable plan. Proving to your consumers and employees that you can use your place in the industry to do something meaningful may be the difference between major prosperity and merely skating by.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Purpose-driven campaigns are not a new concept. Major companies have been incorporating sincere and effective initiatives into their business models for years. Unilever-owned companies such as Dove have been prized for being outspoken about social issues. 



The difference in recent years is that now, corporate responsibility is not optional. Employees, investors, and consumers are all demanding companies showcase their values and use their platforms and reach to create change. Staying quiet in the wake of controversy or avoiding environmental obligations is no longer acceptable. 

A survey by PwC revealed that 86% of employees want to work for or support companies whose values are aligned with their own. The best way to make a difference is to start from within. Communicate with your team. Understand their needs. Brainstorm solutions together.

Primis works closely with publishers on a daily basis. After years in the industry and speaking with our partners and clients day in and day out, we noticed a need: publishers did not know enough about ads.txt files or how to manage them properly. We discovered this information gap was affecting transparency and resulting in missing revenue for our publishers, and that was our catalyst. 

Two years ago, Primis created to help our publishers and make the supply chain more transparent. We created this initiative to make an industry-wide change and help our community. and its free tools have made Primis a more reputable name and have contributed immensely to our growth in the ad tech space.

Be the (Profitable) Change

Who said you need to forgo your company’s financial goals in order to make a difference? Find a way to make a change that makes sense for your organization. A company can keep meaningful efforts afloat for longer when it benefits everyone involved. Be the change, but make it profitable.

Once you identify a need that is meaningful to you and your company’s interests, think carefully about how to put a plan in action that stays true to your business model. Don’t just do something because “it looks good” to your market, be authentic – believe me, your consumers and employees will know the difference.