Future-Proofing Opportunities in the Era of Privacy

Future-Proofing Opportunities in the Era of Privacy
WAIT! Before you panic and stock the bunker for the “cookie-pocalypse,” we have good news.


Identity and privacy are taking center stage as Google begins phasing out third-party cookies. That means the long-awaited cookie-deprecation is finally becoming a reality after years and years of promises and rumors. Although the ad tech industry is sure to face challenges on the horizon, there are also great opportunities to come — especially for publishers.

Data is Power

Post-cookie environments open the doors to new power shifts. The sell side has the ability to take control and position itself at a critical point when it comes to the market for data. Being the experts on their own audiences and the holders of first-party data, publishers have a chance to maximize this industry-wide change, but they will have to play their cards right.

Considering different data models, such as probabilistic or deterministic data, and finding the right mix of these solutions will be key. While deterministic targeting has gained popularity, scalability will be challenging for this model. On the other hand, probabilistic data has the potential to play a key role in overcoming cookie deprecation. Read more about different data solutions in our latest white paper, Beyond the Crumble: Thriving in the Cookie-Free Future.

Beyond The Crumble White Paper

Strides in Solutions

What’s important for publishers to consider is that they are not alone in this. Identity solutions have come a long way in the last decade, and reliable partnerships can help elevate targeted advertising, despite the loss of third-party data. Choosing the right partnerships is crucial. Identity solution partners that emphasize data quality control and transparency, among other key factors, will take audience segmentation to the next level. 

After a significant drop in RPM when losing third-party data in IOS, Primis found a 60% uplift using an identity solution that worked. Using this as an indicator for Chrome environments in the coming future, it’s clear that trusted partners make a profound difference.

For a deeper dive into future-proofing opportunities in the privacy-first era, check out our latest white paper.