How Publishers Can Boost Brand Loyalty Amongst Users

How Publishers Can Boost Brand Loyalty Amongst Users
You’ve most likely heard the term "brand loyalty" hundreds of times, but do you know how important it is for your brand? Do you know how to get it? Do you know how to maintain it?

Fostering Loyalty

One of the major ways to foster loyalty is through shared values. 

A recent survey by Deloitte revealed that for members of Gen Z and Millennials, climate change was noted as one of their top concerns. Sustainability efforts and green initiatives speak to users when they are sincere and actively effecting change. 

There is a largely growing skepticism amongst younger generations as to which companies are committed to the contributions they claim to make. Mission statements are paper-thin to consumers when they aren’t backed up by genuine actions. ESG reporting and consistent purpose-driven initiatives that are woven into a pre-existing business model are two ways of generating a connection between you and your users.
Reinventing Goodvertising

Users = Consumers

Brand loyalty is usually a term used to describe consumers. There is a close association between brand loyalty and major fashion brands such as Nike or Adidas. But think of yourself as a user; maybe there are 1 or 2 sources you use to get your daily news, maybe you have a favorite publisher for entertainment updates. Yes, you may stick to one sneaker brand, but you probably also stick to your go-to publishers.

Major brands, such as Hearst, have purpose-driven initiatives and efforts that support their communities, the environment, and their internal governance. Users connect to genuine efforts. Loyalty is built up and must be nurtured, so once-off donations are not the best way to maintain the connection between you and your users. Instead, companies that commit to long-term campaigns and initiatives have more success retaining the connection to their users while also serving their cause for longer. 

Follow the Metrics

Brands need users who want to come back. Publishers want to keep users on their sites for longer, grow their audience, and build up retention. Brand loyalty is not just another way to muster up metrics, but it does bring results. The media industry has the highest average consumer retention rate, and retention brings in ROI.

Brands that want to improve ROI and boost KPIs need to put more energy into cultivating loyalty. If you are a publisher, find out what your users care about, connect to them, and build their trust with your sincerity.