How To Do Better In-App Video Monetization With the Primis Apps SDK

How To Do Better In-App Video Monetization With the Primis Apps SDK
From shopping and dating to catching up on the daily news, apps have become an essential part of our everyday lives. The pandemic had a massive impact on app store spending, causing people to spend more time at home and switch to digital channels for many day-to-day activities, and the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down. In Q1 2021, consumers' spent $32 billion on in-app purchases from iOS and Google play, the biggest quarter on record, and up 40% on the same quarter for 2020. 

Despite that, monetizing apps comes with its own challenges, and app owners have been hesitant to adopt a video player, but the monetization opportunities are not to be missed. The key issue around monetizing Video Discovery in apps was building out and providing a full SDK (Software Development Kit) for publishers that enabled high viewability and a discovery experience, which involved huge development and research efforts.

The alternative up until now was a static video unit that had been embedded via GAM or another ad-server as an HTML JS Tag that had only docking capabilities and couldn't stick, so video viewability was minimal, and RPMs were very low. 

Primis' Apps SDK supports both iOS and Android and allows publishers to fully embrace the online and mobile web opportunities in-app while tackling the challenges publishers have come up against, without losing any content, technology, and expertise that sets Primis apart from the competition.


Advantages to Using Primis' Apps SDK:

So what do you get... 


An in-app video player gives you the ability to create new revenue streams through preroll opportunities before and after video content has been played. The Apps SDK provides full monetization channels, including RTB and Google’s IMA, and utilizes our unique SPO algorithm.

Primis Next

Publishers and app owners can now benefit from the full Video Discovery capabilities on apps. Primis Next provides an uninterrupted video experience to entice users. Users that engage with a video will not experience a pause or be shown an ad for the entire length of that video. Videos that do not lead to engagement will be skipped to let users discover the 'Next' video, thereby increasing preroll opportunities while maintaining a good user experience.

Skins and Layouts

All the skins optimal for mobile web, layouts, and button designs are available in-app. The variety of skins provide new possibilities for how publishers display their discovery units and include: 

  • Classic (recommendation thumbnails), native (textual description) 

  • Mid-article (recommendation thumbnails with descriptions)

  • Simple (a clean design with or without the video title)

Optimized video thumbnails and text descriptions are two factors we've found can significantly impact user engagement. So, it's critical to figure out the most effective skin for each placement, based on a publisher's unique needs and their audience's preferences. With our reporting, it's super easy to A/B test and discover the unit that's working best for you and your users.


Mobile is set to be the dominant channel by which viewers consume video. According to Cisco's Visual Networking Index, 79% of the world's mobile data traffic will be video by 2022. App owners can now access our vast video library with over 3 million videos from brands like Reuters, Bloomberg, USA Today, Jukin Media, and more, as well as promote their own content through the Primis recommendation unit that tailors video to their users.

Docking and Sticky 

The sticky capability of a Primis player is one of the most important features that we provide, as it massively impacts viewability rate, and using it is an essential tactic for maximizing video monetization

Depending on your placement configuration, when the user scrolls the player off the screen, the player will switch to sticky mode. It's one of the features most requested by our partners to increase revenue opportunities.  

Viewability Detection

As an SDK, we can tell where the player is positioned, for example; if the app moves to the background of a user's screen or if a menu appears over the player. Our ability to measure this helps us to optimize your preroll opportunities.    

Download the complete guide to Video Discovery

Start your journey 

Not only are mobile apps driving engagement - but they're also driving media consumption. Last year, 90% of mobile time was spent in-app, and in-app advertising is an effective monetization strategy for publishers and advertisers to engage consumers on mobile. Failing to consider in-app as both a platform and environment puts you at risk of being left behind your competition.

Interested in installing the Apps SDK on your Primis unit or have any questions? Please get in touch with your account manager, who will be happy to help. If you aren't already a Primis partner, send us a contact request.

Coming soon...

In addition, Primis plans to support all its APIs for in-app and to allow ad operations to integrate Apps SDK into their own SDK, enabling them to distribute to their publishers as their own tool.