NBA Playoffs & Celeb Birthdays Boosting Video Viewership

NBA Playoffs & Celeb Birthdays Boosting Video Viewership
Can't believe we're nearly halfway through 2021? Neither can we! With time flying like the wind, we catch up on events and festivities audiences are sitting up and taking note of as we get ready to hit the summer season with a bang. 

We're talking sports, stars, and public holidays. From Memorial Day prep to celebrity birthday gossip and horoscope updates, we're making sure your playlists align as well as the stars in your favorite constellation. 

That's not even mentioning the NBA playoffs, with fans eager to follow anything about the games.

It's written in the stars...

From the glittering heights of the zodiac to celebrity star birthdays, we have channels for everybody. 

If you're the kind of person who heads straight to the horoscope section of a magazine or newspaper, you're not alone. Apparently, 70M Americans read their horoscope daily, and millennials and Gen Z are hot on the trend. Publishers can grab a piece of the pie, with content from dedicated to providing videos to let astrology lovers discover more about the personality traits of their zodiac sign. 

We're certainly "bullish" on Bang Showbiz video content! With birthday-related celeb updates and news, this is always a popular choice with viewers following the world of the stars. 

Do you believe in life after love?... Cher does, and she's just one of the top celebs whose birthday it is this month. If you're interested in birthday bios, the best are streaming from Cover Media, experts at creating engaging and shareable short-form video, for all topics Celebrity, Gaming, Current Affairs, Lifestyle, and many more.

Play-in, Playoff, Playlist

The postseason has arrived, starting with the Play-In Tournament yesterday, followed by the first round of the playoffs scheduled this Saturday. 

Making a "Splash" with high odds to win our playlist tournament is SportsGrid. The audience can really engage with great short-form clips such as Up Against the Clock! Think Keith Irizarry answering rapid-fire questions and discussing the playoff matchups.

Then SNTV is "dropping dimes," with 90+ unique videos a day and 1700+ hours of video content a year. This is quality sports content, keeping your audience updated with the most current sports news. 

We absolutely love HeatCheck videos from Middle Block for all things sports. It's pure engagement genius, and armchair analysts love a good discussion on tactics and walk-throughs of the replays. The channel boasts impressive stats with 60M+ monthly user impressions providing accurate, up-to-date quality content.

A day to remember 

We couldn't really talk about May without discussing Memorial Day. 

When it comes to preparations and inspiration, we love ScaryMommy videos, with tips on how to honor Memorial Day from home and easy to prepare cakes for the family. Starting as a parenting content brand with a twist, they now have 25M social media fans, a huge 15M monthly uniques, and are growing fast. 

Worth taking note of is ZMG that distributes more than 1K videos a month and gets a massive 1B+ views per year. Their B/60 channel provides amazing ways to honor the holiday this year while maintaining some social distancing. The channel is a viral brand with loads of entertaining content for a daily dose of engaging fun. 

Last but not least, we have Primis' own This Week in History, a video highlighting significant moments in history, pop culture, and sports, transporting viewers back in time to key moments in the past. 

New call-to-action

What's the upshot

Influencers and celebrities will always be a popular hit for viewer engagement. Covering birthdays is a great take, as people love to relate to celebrities, and sharing a birthday is a great way to do that.

Memorial Day is an important time, and every year this special day means Americans are busy getting ready to honor the country. We have content to cover preparations and ideas for the family that you can add to your playlists. 

Lastly, viewers love sports, and the NBA playoffs are a great way to capture some of the viewings. So stay ahead of the game this season with top content and quality partnerships for a winning playlist.