The Olympic Games Arrive and Summer Blockbusters You Don’t Want To Miss

The Olympic Games Arrive and Summer Blockbusters You Don’t Want To Miss
Get ready for the show of the summer. The Olympics are returning! 

At one point, we thought it might never happen, but on July 23, the Tokyo Games will open their doors. While it was decided that there will be no live spectators, there will no doubt be millions of eyes on the Olympic stadium as viewers tune in from all over the world. With a high-spend Opening Ceremony to kick off the event, we are set for two weeks of top sports and the finest athletes in the world.

It's been a summer of sports, after the return of the Euros and Wimbledon, and now the Olympics. But that wasn't the only thing returning. Another welcomed comeback was movie releases. The return of the cinema signaled the return of summer blockbusters. As the heat ramps it up another notch, you and your viewers can get ready to watch some truly phenomenal films.


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The 2020 Olympics might not be in 2020, but even with the delay, the torch has made its way to Tokyo, and the athletes have started their last stretch of training, ready for their chance to live out their dreams. After all, the “Games” must go on! Officially kicking off with the Opening Ceremony, we can’t help wondering, with a whopping original budget of $130 million and now an additional $35 million, what they have planned? 

We’re also not the only ones excited to catch Simone Biles strut her stuff. In a recent Adweek poll that surveyed U.S. based viewers to find out which Olympic events they’re most excited about, Women’s gymnastics was the winner, with a majority 59% of the respondents. 

For all the news and updates on the Games, Reuters is at the ready. As one of the top international news providers, its sports channel has excellent coverage of the Games and events surrounding it. You also can’t go wrong with SNTV, a sports news partner with a global reach and a dedicated channel, ready to provide hot content on the Games this summer.

You had me at Blockbuster:

After the summer movie season was wiped out in 2020 by Covid, the studios waited to see whether audiences head back to the theatres. So far, profits have been positive, even with a hybrid streaming/theater option. 

This summer, movie fans are sure to be excited to see Marvel’s “Black Widow” back on the big screen. With a wide choice of movies, from Sundance Smash, “CODA” to Jennifer Hudson playing “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin in “Respect,” moviegoers will be hitting the theaters. This certainly calls for a mountain of popcorn and gallons of soda.

What better way to get the news and gossip on the stars of the screen, than with The Hollywood Reporter.  Another channel crushing it is Screencrush with Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes news on the movies, meaning your audience will be spoilt for choice.

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After being told to stay inside last summer and experiencing multiple event cancellations, we’re all looking forward to this one. While we may not be completely out of the “covid” woods, the return of the Olympics is a huge step in the right direction and watching the Olympics this year will mean so much more than in past years.

The same goes for summer blockbusters. Movie fans have really missed going to the theaters and the delay in film releases means audiences are craving the new film releases. There is nothing like a summer blockbuster that gets us all talking, so bring it on summer. We are ready!