Top of the Playlist: The Oscars and Earth Day Dominate Video This Season

Top of the Playlist: The Oscars and Earth Day Dominate Video This Season
Ladies and gentlemen, Oscars night with all the glitz and glamor is back! Delayed from February to late this month, viewers are more than ready to find out who will be the winners. And, if that was not enough, making a mega impact in more ways than one is Earth Day, bringing awareness to environmental causes and projects that have people around the globe sitting up and taking action. 

Massive events like these are fantastic at bringing people together, so it’s essential not to miss an opportunity to include content about them in your playlists. To get in the Hollywood spirit, check out the playlist below and find out more about the Primis channels creating award-worthy content.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

The 93rd Academy Awards will take place Sunday, April 25. But you don’t need to wait till then to find out the winners of our “coveted playlist awards.” So, with no further ado, the award for “Best channel in a leading role” goes to, drumroll, please...The Hollywood Reporter! Speech, speech! 

Reporting on all film, television, and the entertainment industry since the 1930s, THIS is the channel to feature during awards season. It’s one of their main focuses with in-house awards analyst Scott Feinberg’s weekly “Feinberg Forecast” and a blog dedicated solely to awards updates. Seriously, this channel has it in the bag, with videos easily racking up over 100K views apiece. Many people will be eager to catch up on the winners, snubs, and performances on Monday morning over a cup of coffee. Not to mention all of the film buffs that will be glued to their screens watching the event live on Sunday night.

And the Award Goes to…

Our winner for “Best Performance” goes to IVA, Internet Video Archive. This channel would be a great addition to any playlist that wants to showcase all of the most critically acclaimed Oscar-nominated films of the past year.

IVA focuses on movies, TV, and gaming. While they don’t follow Hollywood news, they do provide trailers covering all films nominated for an award. Trailers are relatively short, and each gets tens to hundreds of thousands of likes. If you’re interested in movies and the award season, this channel is just the ticket. 

Calling All Eco-Warriors! 

Earth Day 2021 takes an already hot topic and pushes it even further into the foreground. This year’s theme is “Restore the Earth,” and they are expecting over 1 billion people in 193 countries to take part in events set up by EARTHDAY.ORG. That’s a pretty large audience, wouldn’t you say!?  

This brings us to ZoominTV and their excellent series Green Heroes! With their Gen Z target audience in mind, each episode highlights a unique project or innovator who is doing amazing things to help the environment. Covering current issues such as clean water projects and upcycling, the series features individuals and communities from all over the world. Videos range from around 2 to 4 minutes, with upwards of 11.8 M views. These eco-warriors are doing amazing things, and with viewers ready to consume volumes on anything to do with protecting the environment, these are the perfect videos for your playlist. 

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Key Takeaways

Pop culture, movies, tv, and the entertainment industry are always top viewing content. With the prestigious Oscars this month, you cannot go wrong when adding content that covers the awards. If that was not enough, environmental videos are always an excellent way to go, and even more so with Earth Day. So, grab a takeaway and get watching because your viewers will be.