Summer Lovin’ Had me a Blast – Travel, Broadway and the New School Year

Summer Lovin’ Had me a Blast – Travel, Broadway and the New School Year
As the temperature heats up, popsicles melt, and the sound of kids playing fills the air, popular summer trends hit the headlines once again. If you’re dreaming of traveling, you’re in for a treat. From road trips to beach weekends, national parks to theme parks, Americans are packing their bags to get away. After all, keeping the kids busy is a full-time job and then some. Which leads us nicely to “back-to-school” preparations. There’s all sorts of video content on kids’ face masks, backpacks, healthy snacks, and what to pack your kids for lunch; I mean...who hasn’t seen a YouTube clip on Best “Bento Box” ideas?! If all that wasn’t enough, Broadway is returning, and the squeals of delight can be heard throughout New York and beyond.       

Destination, Destination, Destination

One of the strongest responses to Covid restrictions is the desire to travel. Something about being told you can’t go away makes everybody even more desperate too.  Newspapers to Netflix have content to take you away in mind, if not in spirit, and video content is one of the favorite ways to get a dose of adventure. So, whether it’s by car, train, or airplane, you can still plan a trip. In fact, nearly 9 in 10 U.S. travelers have plans to travel in the next few months.

For top travel content, we love The Travel Show. Specializing in all things travel-related; from cruising, to travel hacks and the latest updates on travel preparation and advice, even the “Most beautiful Starbucks in the world.”

Mojo Travels is another attention-grabbing gem. WatchMojo is already a hugely popular brand, really good at what they do, so it’s no surprise their channel dedicated to travel, produces content users love.  

Now We Know Our ABC...

Looking to get a full set of A’s on your “back-to-school” parent report card?! Make sure you ace it, with all the top content on school preparations, now the kids are heading back into classrooms. Well, that’s the plan for now.  

Either way, there’s always loads to do, and parents and carers alike are looking for any guide, advice to help them. Whether it’s super cool outfits, ideas for that inevitable 1st day of school social media post, or backpacks your kids will love...and that’s just for the adults. There are still loads of craft ideas to check out that your kids will enjoy doing.  

“The Show Must Go On”

It’s official! Broadway is on its way back. It’s been over a year since Broadway shut its doors in March 2020. The industry employs over 100,000 people in the city, and it’s finally set to open to full capacity in September, with tickets already on sale.  

When it comes to content on Broadway, a channel in the limelight is Broadwayworld, with interviews with members of the industry and news on new shows and live performances.       

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Key Takeaways:

Last year felt like we were stuck indoors, reminiscing about summers past, which is why this summer, the return of some of our favorite summer activities, has us all in a frenzy. What with travel plans, back-to-school preparations, and the exciting news of Broadway’s return. All this has parents, audiences, theatergoers, and travel enthusiasts engaging with summertime content.