Syndication and its Role in Maximizing Video Engagement

Syndication and its Role in Maximizing Video Engagement
We all know videos are essential to a publisher’s editorial and ad revenue strategy. According to Single Grain, websites with videos attract two to three times as many visitors and, on top of that, landing pages with videos are 53% more likely to rank on the first SERP.

Unfortunately, publishing quality video content at scale is difficult for most publishers. It isn’t easy to create videos for each article or page in today’s fast-paced environment, unless you have an entire team of people working on it day in and day out. And then it’s not affordable.

That’s where video syndication can really help.

What is Video Syndication?

Through syndication, you gain access to a huge library of videos from your industry’s top content creators across the globe. There are videos designed to fit any user, vertical, or context on any page, so you can reach your audience interest, at the time that they are consuming related content.  

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When your videos perfectly match your audience you’ll increase your video consumption, raise engagement, encourage returning users, provide users with a great experience and finally, create more video inventory.

5 Reasons Video Syndication is Valuable

With video syndication, you don’t have to be an expert video creator to make videos work for you and your users. Syndication allows you to distribute high-quality video content to your users to maximize video consumption, engagement, and ad revenue.

When you have access to video syndication, you can:

 1. Leverage and Benefit from a Rich Video Library

The more videos you have access to, the more chances you have to reach your customers and sell your product/services. It’s a simple equation. The key is to consistently deliver quality content that users engage with, and that means having access to an expansive video library.

Syndication libraries help you discover high-quality video content from top brands, allowing you to tailor your video distribution to your users. There’s a video for every user, content idea, or article, so you deliver the most relevant video for each session without any extra work on your part.

2. Align Your Website With Big Name Brands & High-Quality Providers

To get the most out of your content, it’s not just about making more videos. That just drowns your audience in noise. Instead, you need access to videos that enhance your brand’s message, backed by leading content providers. That’s where video syndication from top brands and video producers can help.


When you share quality videos from top publishers and big-name brands, your users are more likely to engage with you. They’ll feel confident in your knowledge and brand, which will make it easier to reach new audiences and monetize the results. Syndication helps to match the right videos from the right providers to the right audience at the right time and place.

3. Associate Your Site with Known Brands in the Same Vertical

There’s a lot of content online, some would say too much. And that means it can be difficult to stand out and get noticed. However, if you can associate your website with well-known brands within your same vertical, you can capitalize on their thought leadership and brand trust.

 Sharing videos from leading brands can help you make a memorable impression on your consumers and demonstrate that you are on par with your competitors. It also means more viewers and higher engagement because people are more likely to watch things from sources they can trust and they recognize as thought leaders in your vertical. Think of video syndication as a simple and fundamental way to build your brand through association.

4. Enjoy a Constant Stream of Content

Creating videos is time-consuming and expensive, which is why many publishers have a very limited content lineup. Those who have a constant lineup of quality videos are having a hard time finding the resources to finance it. The good news is that syndicated videos from top publishers can fill that void.

Through syndication, you can send out a constant stream of videos most likely to capture your audience’s attention and increase consumption. This translates into better monetization and additional video ad inventory- without any costs!

5. Leverage Tech to Automatically Choose the Perfect Video for Each Situation

Using technology, you can generate personalized video content that appeals to your specific audience’s needs and interests, helping you capitalize on the type of content your customers want most.

When done correctly, video syndication ensures that every video is optimized for relevancy and user interest while boosting video content distribution. This type of contextual matching shows your audience the content they want to engage with, and thus the content most likely to earn ad revenue.

Leveraging Syndicated Video

Syndication is important to have so that you can have high quality and highly relevant video content on every page of your website. Syndicated videos can deliver true value to your brand by helping your users discover high-quality content on your website.

You’ll stay more relevant by having videos related to every article and user interest - increasing video consumption - and you’ll enhance your brand’s portfolio through content expertise. The key is to leverage video syndication technology in a way that allows you to reap the rewards of video without the heavy expenses.