The Best Videos Thanksgiving Users Are Sure to Love

The Best Videos Thanksgiving Users Are Sure to Love
When it comes to Thanksgiving, we all know about the three Fs; family, food, and football! And when it comes to video content, we've got you covered for them all. Whether it's delicious recipes and food prep videos for the perfect Thanksgiving menu, fun crafts the whole family will enjoy, or the best coverage on the football, the Primis library is stacked with Thanksgiving joy. 

F is for Family (and Friends)

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to show your family and friends how grateful you are, by spending more time together. Your family will love watching these crafts and DIY videos for inspiration on fun activities. Whether it's table decorations or outdoor activities, keep the grandparents and kids busy with crafts to teach them more about the holiday and get everybody in the holiday spirit. 

For the best crafts and decoration ideas, we love channel Craft Factory from Jungle Creations. With videos brimming with fun art ideas and gifts you can make at home. So, why not make this holiday extra special with videos to show you how to make autumn leaf roses, clay leaf dishes, or acorn and pumpkin pie pendants. You'll be glued to the screen and having fun in no time. 

F is for Food

Thanksgiving is one of the most important meals of the year. Content on food and recipes is available in its droves. Talk about sharing and giving; the holiday brings out people's best intentions and is a great time for recipe sharing. Think cranberry sauce, whether it's from the can or granny's secret recipe, whatever its "source," it's love in a sauce, and you can't have a Thanksgiving meal without it. Then there's the array of seamlessly endless options for how to make sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, we imagine this dish is what a cloud might taste like if you could eat it, and as if we could forget, the tons of recipes for how to make the juiciest or crispiest best roast turkey. 

So, if you're looking for content that can inspire and is full of holiday recipes, we recommend channel TMBI Taste Of Home - they have amazing videos, for example, want to know, "The Secret Way to Make Extra-Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey," um yes! Or how about green bean casserole, or sausage stuffing! All their recipes will leave your mouth watering and are packed with tips and easy-to-follow recipes you can whip up, for a Thanksgiving menu to remember. 

F is for Football

Since the 1920s, pro football has been played on Thanksgiving Day, and for many families watching football is part of the holiday tradition. So get your beers and bets ready with content to consume for a three-course feast of football action. Settle in for the showdown between Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions, Las Vegas Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys, and Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints.

For excellent football coverage, we're glad to have joined up with Fan Duel. It is the largest daily fantasy sports site out there, covering the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football, and basketball.