The Top Ten Videos of 2021

The Top Ten Videos of 2021
The power of video is not going away. Video consumption continues to grow, and online video is still a top priority for publishers and advertisers alike, with no signs of slowing down. So, before we take a deep dive into 2022, we're looking back at 2021 to see what pointers we can take away. We've reviewed our video library for the content with the top likes, highest impressions, highest engagement, and more, to bring you the top ten videos of 2021. 

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Pit Bull Sticks Out Tongue and Flicks It While Sleeping - Jukin Media

This cute video of Nyla the pit bull was a quick hit. Worn out after a long day at the park, this doggie clip of her soundly asleep with her tongue sticking out received 1,382 likes, and is just one example of real-life videos that people upload of their pets and kids. Cute animal videos are always a massive hit and a safe bet in the "like" department. They're relatable, non-offensive, and adorable to watch.

CFB Preview: Georgia Vs. Georgia Tech - SportsGrid

This Preview had viewers glued to the screen to watch the full commentary of former UGA player Corey Allen, who joined SportsGrid for a preview of this heated rivalry last November. This video was one of the leaders in completion rates in its category.  

Artist Journey: Halsey - Live Nation

Videos on celebrities in music and entertainment always grab the audiences' attention, with fans actively looking for news on their fave celeb or whoever is trending at the time. Halsey made headway last year, becoming the 11th most streamed female artist in 2021. No wonder this video of a rundown of her rise to fame was a hot favorite. Another win for Live Nation and their dedicated channel, "Artists Journey," covering the famous and influential in the music industry.

How To Find Bees in Minecraft – PCGamesN/Network N

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has amassed 141 million active players worldwide. This video received a 97.5% View Through Rate (VTR). Gaming and content on video gaming are exploding, and players are keen to get insights and tips about their favorite games, as we see more of, in our rundown of the top ten videos. 

Dainsleif questions and answers in Genshin Impact - Pure Game Guides/Gamurs.Group

This is another video with a rundown on how to answer questions to move forward in the game. The video ran for over 3 minutes, amassing one of the highest engagement rates in the category (a whopping 13.3%).

Fed: On Track To Slow Support for Economy - Associated Press (AP)

More than 6.5% of users opted to unmute the sound of this video, a great testament to the level of interest it drew. Many videos have subtitles, so users can keep their phones on silent. However, with news coverage featuring interviews, it's not surprising that people were more interested in hearing the interviewee, in this case, Chair Jerome Powell, of plans to announce the withdrawal of financial support that had been provided after the coronavirus attacked the economy.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Resigns After Multiple Women Accused Him of Sexual Harassment - USA Today

This was big news that hit the headlines, of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's resignation after multiple women accused the Democrat of sexual harassment, as such, it generated a high amount of views.

GameStop Doubles As Losing Hedge Funds Retreat - Reuters

Viewers were keen to like this content on the share prices of GameStop with news that the price was doubling and message boards aimed at amateur investors continued to hype the stock. 

Bitcoin Rises to All-Time High - Bloomberg

Again, no surprise with this one. Bitcoin has been a popular topic for content with investments and cryptocurrency and NFTs high up on people's agenda.

Megan Thee Stallion Signs First-Look Deal With Netflix | THR News - The Hollywood Reporter

Another top musician of the moment and Grammy winner, Megan Thee Stallion, signed with the OTT streamer to produce a new show. With news of the series spreading far throughout entertainment news sites. Fans and Netflix viewers are all target audiences for this newsreel. 


What can publishers and content providers take away from these results? In 2021, videos covering breaking news, gaming, entertainment, and adorable animals were a big hit. While this isn't surprising, and you didn't need us to tell you that, it's still great to have the data to back this up. With that in mind, these trends are likely to continue into 2022, so with a lot of video content out there, what is clear and can give you the edge is offering users a high-quality and rich variety of content.