Pride, Juneteenth and Euro 2020: Video Content Capturing Audiences Around the Globe

Pride, Juneteenth and Euro 2020: Video Content Capturing Audiences Around the Globe
Pride, Juneteenth, and EURO 2020 come together, making a big impact as we head into summer. Pride and Juneteenth are both celebrations sparked from important historical moments, raising the flag for change. Meanwhile, EURO 2020, postponed last year because of Covid-19 regulations, brings back memories of life pre-virus and what we've missed. All this means people across the globe are more engaged than ever.

Euro 2020 Kickoff

Having been delayed by a year has only fueled excitement for the 2020 European football championships. The big kickoff started June 11 for a month-long festival of football. With 11 host cities, some of Europe's most famous stadiums are hosting the championship for the first time. Every host nation that qualifies will play a minimum of two games at home in the group stages. 


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The Colors of the Rainbow

For Pride month we’re looking at content about LGBTQ+ representation in Gaming. Over time, games have become more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. Gamers are themselves a community, and members of LGBTQ+ are keen to feel seen.

Over time, games have become more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series from 2003 and the Dragon Age series from 2009 are recognized for including LGBTQ+ characters. Stardew Valley allows players to pursue queer relationships, and The Last of Us: Part II won the 2020 Game Award for Game of The Year, featuring lesbian lead character Ellie. Tell Me Why recently received notable recognition for its transgender character Tyler. 

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Honoring Juneteenth

Support for Juneteenth continues to flourish. Earlier this year, 94-year-old activist Opal Lee succeeded in her fight to have June 19, commemorating the US's ending of slavery, declared a national holiday.

It's a special year for this movement, following last year's BLM protests. People are highly engaged, and interest in this topic affects everybody. 

Our vast library has compelling content that users can learn from. Screencrush's review of the Black Panther film depicts the black experience in America and addressing racism. USA Today features video content discussing Black athletes and activists, such as Muhammad Ali, and their stances for racial justice. As well as the video 'How Black Lives Matter went from a hashtag to the largest movement in US history.' All these provide relevant video content people find super interesting.

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