Video Monetization: How to Optimize Your Video Revenue

Video Monetization: How to Optimize Your Video Revenue

Video has become almost a requirement for websites across the internet. In fact, the majority of online traffic is video and that number continues to grow. With widespread adoption of video, comes the opportunity to turn this tool for enhanced user experience into an additional revenue stream in the form of video monetization

We gathered insights from Primis experts across many disciplines, including content, demand, UX, revenue and video production and put them together to create our complete guide to video monetization.
In a constantly changing monetization and publishing landscape you must always keep updated with the latest technological innovations to get the most out of your digital assets

Rinat Avrina

Customer Success Executive at Primis

In this white paper, our experts discuss:

  • How video enhances user experience

  • The five rules for engaging users with video

  • Driving video monetization

  • Why context is so important for engagement

  • What viewability means for revenue

  • And much more

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In addition, we took a deep dive into our data, collected from 37,000,000 impressions from 21,000,000 of users watching 800,000 hours of our video content. 

From this data we were able to provide actionable insights that will enable websites to make the most of their videos and maximize revenue from this new ad inventory.

Increase size of video player for higher CPM

If you’re interested in learning more about how to best monetize your video inventory, then download our comprehensive guide here.