Video Strategy for Technology Websites

Video Strategy for Technology Websites
Technology websites reach highly-educated, highly-affluent users. We discovered that visitors to tech websites have a median household income exceeding $80,000 and 26% higher than the median U.S. household income. 55% of them are male, but a growing number of women (45%) are now consuming the content as well.

This demographic is composed of industry leaders, decision-makers, and economic buyers. They are, on average, heavy tech consumers and heavy online/mobile users. They are avid readers, consumers of information, and watch significantly more video than the average consumer.

Competing in the Tech Publishing Space

Competing in the tech publishing space can be time-consuming and it can be expensive to develop high-caliber content that’s unique to the tastes of the audience. Cutting through the clutter in a crowded space takes serious work. Finding ways to differentiate your product in order to attract and retain this audience is crucial to success.

Being tech-savvy, visitors expect a perfect online experience with digital tools that work seamlessly. There’s little tolerance for low-quality products or performance.

This means that your website, mobile sites, and apps have to be operating at peak efficiency with great content that enhances your site’s SEO and demands engagement. Only then can you expect to realize any significant opportunities to monetize your website.

Differentiating Your Content

Information moves at light speed. We are in an age where basic facts and details are now a commodity.  

Every site wants to be the go-to site for industry news, but most traffic for tech sites originates from search engines or social network sites. This can account for as much as 95% of overall site traffic for major tech publishers. Unless you have unique content that will elicit direct traffic, you’re at the mercy of third-parties to drive volume.

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You need high-quality content that’s unique to your niche. It needs to be SEO-enhanced and fully optimized to attract attention from search engines and it needs to be snackable, shareable content that will engage people on social.

Producing this type of content consistently in video format can be expensive, but necessary, to attract and maintain user interest: 

This means offering robust video solutions to consumers, delivering unique and relevant content.

Digital Video Continues To Grow

Video makes up the majority of traffic on the internet. Already more than 80% of all IP traffic is video. To compete effectively, you’ve got to excel at video. Consumption will only rise as broadband speeds continue to increase; the rollout of 5G will increase speed more than 100X 4G. With more than 3 billion smartphones in use worldwide, video consumption is about to explode.

Video is also the largest gainer in advertising spending in the tech sector. For the first time in 2019, digital ad spending eclipsed television and any other media source accounting for 54% of total ad spend. Publishers that fully embrace video have the best chance to increase revenue.

Video Discovery Platforms

When it comes to video discovery platforms, it’s all about serving relevant content that increases engagement levels and commands higher rates. It’s important to choose a fully customizable video unit that integrates seamlessly into any website. Discoverability means that it surfaces contextually relevant and targeted content that leads to longer time on site.

According to Primis data, tech sites outperform almost any other kind of website. The Primis video discovery engine on tech sites outperforms other sites’ average duration times by 50%. Tech related sites see a viewable duration time nearly 240% higher than the network average viewable duration levels.

When it comes to monetization, video units on tech sites get higher rates. Tech-related sites with video units show a 32% higher CPM over other sites that have a similar unit.

Larger site publishers tend to have their own video content. Video discovery platforms can augment publisher video by recommending the right video to each user, keeping users engaged on-site while increasing monetization. Smaller publishers that have less video (or no video assets) can open up new revenue streams by using syndicated video content, or outsourcing their video creation.

The Bottom Line

Tech users are heavy video consumers. They represent a desirable audience for advertisers. Targeting the right content to each user creates significant monetization opportunities. Contact Primis to learn how optimizing your video can increase your revenue today.