We’ve Upgraded Our Playlist Dashboard To Give Publishers More Control

We’ve Upgraded Our Playlist Dashboard To Give Publishers More Control
We are excited to announce a series of updates to our playlist features, designed to give publishers greater control over which video content they display.

These updates will allow publishers to play the video of their choosing that their users are most likely to engage with. Every video in the Primis, Video Discovery platform is selected through a combination of contextual algorithms, past performance data, and carefully curated playlists selected by either the publisher or one of our content experts. 

Whether publishers decide to customize their video playlists themselves or delegate to their Publisher Success Executive at Primis, these new capabilities give publishers unprecedented control of their video content. They can customize their playlists to fit perfectly to each domain and take full advantage of Primis’ expansive video library, including syndicators like Reuters, Caters News Agency, Jukin Media, and more.

Having dedicated Publisher Success Managers working daily with publishers helps us learn what our partners are looking for. Through our daily work with them, including special requests, and the specific needs of various websites, we’ve launched this series of upgrades to the publishing dashboard.

These updates include:

  • Prioritization of video content for playlists

  • Usage ratio meter in the dashboard, allowing visibility into the content breakdown

  • 80+ premade and continuously updated recommended playlists for Business, Sports, Entertainment and 16 other verticals

  • Discovery algorithm improvements


Prioritization of video content for playlists

Playlist Dashboard

Let’s say you have a video about an upcoming event you’d like to promote and you want to get as many eyes on it as possible. Or maybe you have a sports site and you want to show the latest league news, but place just a little more focus on the home team. This addition to the playlist setup lets publishers control the priority of any aspect of their playlist, giving them the option to choose not only what plays, but when.

Usage Ratio Fine Tuning: Not too hot nor too cold, but just right

Throw in a little news, a relevant keyword or two, a whole lot of business, maybe a sprinkle of stocks focused content, and in the words of celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, BAM! Not only are publishers able to prioritize their content selections, publishers now have the ability to fine-tune playlist settings down to the exact percentage point. This offers them endless possibilities to create the perfect playlist recipe for their site.

playlist dashboard  

Using just the right amount of dynamic and evergreen content, that slice of a viral video that you didn’t know you needed, but leaves you wanting more. This feature, especially when backed by our comprehensive reporting system makes it quick and easy to serve up exactly what your users crave and assists our publishers in taking full advantage of Primis’ expansive content library, featuring over one million videos from hundreds of premium video providers. 

Professionally Curated Playlists: Only the best for our publishers

Our content experts are continuously creating and maintaining recommended playlists, which are available for use by all Primis publishers. There are over 80 of these recommended playlists, featuring the best and most engaging content Primis has to offer across 19 distinct categories, backed by data-driven decision making. 

Download the complete guide to video monetization

Discovery algorithm improvements

When it comes to video consumption, with all the videos available online, users are bombarded with endless possibilities. How can we make our content stand out? The answer is through contextual matching. We want to show your users the RIGHT video, at the RIGHT time. We have vastly improved our contextual matching algorithm, as users are more likely to engage with the most relevant video. We are always honing and improving our contextual capabilities, which are stronger than ever before.

Buckle up!

Now you’re in the driver's seat, with all these tools available at your disposal to provide your users with a great experience, to keep them on-site longer, and keep them engaged. Let’s put the pedal to the metal and keep our foot on the gas. If you have any questions about these updates or have any requests for additional upgrades, please reach out to your Publisher Success Manager.