Primis and GAMURS Group Sign Exclusive Partnership for Video Monetization

Primis and GAMURS Group Sign Exclusive Partnership for Video Monetization
This article originally appeared in MarTech Series on 1 Feb, 2022.  

Primis, the leading Video Discovery platform for global publishers and founders of is happy to announce we have signed a one-year exclusive deal with GAMURS Group, the leading Esports, Gaming, and Entertainment media network, for full exclusivity of their video monetization. GAMURS portfolio continues to expand, with a global reach of 50M+ MAU's and 100M content views.

As two experts in our fields we have formed a strong partnership over the last few years, culminating in a deal that sees GAMURS Group put their full trust in us. The Primis player will feature throughout their growing portfolio of domains to reach users and help them discover GAMURS’ video content in the most simple and effective way for maximum yield. The Group is also a content syndication partner, and their content is available as part of Primis’ expansive video library.

Both partners have been vocal about a need for more transparency in the industry. Last week, Primis announced the release of their Ads.txt Wizard, the latest update to their free transparency initiative,, and GAMURS were given early access. GAMURS deals with a large amount of M&As, seeing firsthand how monetization partners take advantage of publishers, calling it out on social media. They've been using to clean up their ads.txt files and identify areas of concern in the monetization potential of future acquisitions. 
"With Primis, we have exceeded our revenue expectations. They support our growth and help us to build a clean network of domains. Having seen what we have achieved in a short period in Q4 2021, we are very excited to see what is possible when we push that lever to full speed in 2022," said Riad Chikhani, Founder and CEO of GAMURS Group.

"This deal and its exclusivity mark a new milestone in our partnership. It comes from a similar mindset and vision for what we want to achieve within the industry," says Eyal Topper, VP Publishers at Primis. "Thanks to optimization efforts from both parties, we've seen an improvement in average time on site and user engagement across GAMURS' network of sites. We've also been able to help solidify their position as a leading publisher in the gaming vertical through content distribution."