Primis and IRIS.TV Partner to Bring Elevated Contextual Targeting to Video Discovery

Primis and IRIS.TV Partner to Bring Elevated Contextual Targeting to Video Discovery
The press release originally appeared in PRNewswire on March 2, 2022 and appeared in several publications including Yahoo Finance.  

Primis, the leading Video Discovery platform for global publishers and founders of (part of Universal McCann and Interpublic Group), today announced their new partnership with IRIS.TV, the leading video data platform. The partnership expands video contextual targeting capabilities in OLV for better transparency and reach.

Primis' integration with IRIS.TV provides advertisers and publishers access to actionable, video-level metadata at scale. Strong contextual data is a key component for brand messaging that is both on point and delivers.

Primis publishers will immediately be IRIS-enabled for video-level content analysis without the need for additional integrations. Providing an easy way to unlock the full potential of their content. The relationship also provides an important competitive advantage as the end of third-party data looms.

The partnership combines IRIS.TV data integrations with some of the largest contextual intelligence companies like GumGum, Oracle, Silverbullet, Comcore, and more that advertisers trust with Primis' broad presence in the online video environment. For advertisers, tapping into IRIS-enabled video provides a transparent and trusted source of inventory to reach their audience.

"We're thrilled to help Primis build scalable contextual and brand-safety offerings for video," said Sean Holzman, EVP, Ad Platforms and Agencies, IRIS.TV. "Until now, the wealth of data associated with video content has been inaccessible and unactionable. With greater transparency and video data connectivity, marketers can reach consumers with more accuracy, less waste, and real-time relevance."

Primis continues to develop and provide our partners with the most advanced video technologies and monetization. We're really excited about the collaboration. It gives advertisers access to IRIS-enabled content from our top publishers, making it easier for them to make informed decisions on where to place campaigns and be assured that they're bidding on content that meets top brand-safety standards.


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