Primis Launches Audience Extension, Enabling Additional Revenue Streams

Primis Launches Audience Extension, Enabling Additional Revenue Streams
We are excited to announce the launch of Audience Extension, catering to Primis publishers, syndicators and advertisers. With Audience Extension, Primis publishers can spread their surplus demand across the Primis network, enabling additional monetization options for their video content.

Publishers Tapping into New Revenue Streams with Syndication

Creating more monetized video inventory for publishers is paramount to our mission at Primis. For the most part, that is achieved by publishers placing the Primis unit on their articles enabling users to watch more videos through our Video Discovery engine. But Primis also enables publishers to enhance their video distribution in another way, by becoming a content syndicator and offering their video content to the rest of the Primis network of publishers.

Many Primis publishing partners are adopting this strategy, including Townsquare Media, Investing Channel,, Jungle Creations, and others. The appeal is very clear, especially for Primis publishers, as by simply opting in to the program they enable distribution of their videos to 100’s of millions of users. And all of those views are automatically monetized by the Primis marketplace.

Publishers Leverage Their Own Demand Sources

With Audience Extension, Primis publishers that are also syndication partners can spread their surplus demand across the Primis network exclusively for the audiences that engage with their brand. That means that they can use their own direct demand partners and advertisers to monetize their content anywhere it is being syndicated, not only on their own domains.
Audience Extension moves us closer to the goal of helping publishers do video better, by strengthening their relationship with direct demand partners and brands and offering them more inventory on hundreds of quality domains.


Eyal Betzalel, Co-CEO of Primis

This is a unique opportunity for publishers to expand the inventory they are offering to their advertisers. Quality video inventory is always in high demand, and unfortunately many publishers find they don't create enough of it for their direct demand partners. Primis Audience Extension changes that completely. While a publisher may be limited in the number of users who come to their website, tapping into the Primis network enables them to offer millions of potential content and ad impressions every month to their direct demand partners. 

If this is something that can be useful to your organization, feel free to reach out to your Publisher Success Manager or to