Primis Launches Contextual Targeting For Video Advertising

Primis Launches Contextual Targeting For Video Advertising
At a time when many advertisers, agencies, and publishers are looking for privacy-friendly alternatives to targeting media audiences, we are proud to announce a new contextual targeting technology for promoting video content discovery and consumption.

Due to this game-changing development regarding our contextual targeting capabilities, brands that advertise on the Primis network have the capability to target their video ads on multiple levels of contextuality. It is now possible to match an ad to the category of the web page or video, the keywords extracted from the web page or the ones used in the accompanying video, or the brand of the video provider itself.

This is a big step forward in enabling our partners to do video better in a world increasingly concerned with user privacy.

How Our Contextual Targeting Works

These contextual capabilities provide advanced targeting for advertisers to reach relevant and highly engaged audiences in a cookie-less world. Within the Primis Network, brands are able to target their ads according to several levels of contextual targeting, including by:

Content Provider

Get your brand seen alongside Primis content partners such as Reuters, USA Today, Live Nation, Jukin Media, and more. You have hundreds of high-quality creators to choose from all IAB categories, including News, Business, Sports, Lifestyle, and 26 other verticals.

Page Category

Choose from 30+ categories of pages across the Primis network, including (but not limited to) News, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Gaming. Many websites cover a variety of topics, so it’s integral that your brand is seen not just on the right sites, but on the right pages on those sites.

Page Keywords

Select keywords to target with your advertisements in order to get the most accurate audiences. Choose any combination of words to target and the Primis Video Discovery unit will scan the pages across all approved websites for placements highly relevant to your goals.

Video Category

Have your video advertisement seen alongside only videos that are of a specific category or set of categories. Be confident that the video content following your ads are of utmost relevance and appeal to the same targeted audience as your brand.

Video Keywords

Play your ads before the most relevant videos by targeting the keywords of the video. Choose any keyword or keyword combination to be sure only the most relevant videos are targeted. 
Privacy has become the defining issue of our time in this industry. Between the fall of the 3rd party cookie and the rising skepticism regarding user tracking, we had to adapt and provide a big solution for our demand partners. Contextual targeting is the only realistic solution to this problem that provides both highly focused targeting and respectful treatment of user privacy.

Eyal Betzalel, Co-CEO of Primis

Advertisers Target Video Content Creators

Another useful component to this content-based targeting innovation is enabling advertisers to target content from publishers across the Primis network, not just on their specific domains. For example, an advertiser can now decide to have their ads shown as pre-rolls before Sports Illustrated, Billboard, or USA Today videos, that are played on hundreds of Primis partner domains. 

Content-Based Advertising

This algorithm enhancement, and all the resulting features are preparing for a cookieless future, but also stem from our core value at Primis; users come first. That means enabling users to discover fresh, high-quality video content which leads to increased user content consumption, better monetization for publishers, and higher quality inventory for advertisers. That also means respecting users' privacy, and showing them relevant ads that are very relevant to their interests and needs.