Primis Launches Industry-Leading AMP Video Player

Primis Launches Industry-Leading AMP Video Player

New Solution for Publishers who Favor AMP Framework Offers New Monetization Opportunities

Primis, the leading Video Discovery platform for global publishers and founders of is excited to announce the official launch of its new AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) video player. The new unit follows the AMP framework for being very lightweight for super fast loads, often resulting in higher conversion rates and more traffic for publishers.

Our new AMP player offers our full Video Discovery technology providing visitors of a site with a better user experience. We're always talking to our clients about products and services they need to improve their site and support for AMP comes up a lot.

The Primis video player is unique in that it is the only AMP offering in the market that offers float units which dramatically increases monetization capabilities. The video player also offers common AMP features such as autoplay, docking, looping, and several others. 

Adopters of the Primis AMP video player will have access to the full Primis content catalog and its suite of monetization capabilities. Primis utilizes its advanced discovery engine to help match every video in real-time to its audience based on historical engagement data and contextual relevance.

Simply put: AMP pages allow us to stop playing the guessing game with Google. We understand that these platforms want their users to be fully immersed in their domain. So instead of us building out our own pages for Google and then making sure they all fit their requirements of a search-worthy page, AMP does all the heavy lifting for us. And throughout this process on AMP we moved away from heavy ad unit monetization and into video player frameworks built for AMP so we didn’t have to sacrifice revenue for speed,” said Nish Patel, Founder of ClutchPoints.