Primis Now Offers Out of the Box RTB Capabilities

Primis Now Offers Out of the Box RTB Capabilities
Video Discovery company Primis has announced an upgrade in their monetization, now giving publishers an Out of the Box RTB tech capability. 

Up until now, publishers could only connect to the SSPs or Exchanges with their own seat, through Primis, via client-side tech solutions, either with a regular VAST tag or header bidding (e.g. Prebid.js).

Primis’ Out of the Box RTB  improves this capability by providing publishers with a full RTB, Server-to-Server integration solution to their own seats at the SSPs. It is supported by a simple select-box UI flow where a publisher chooses their SSPs, integration type (for example, RTB) and inserts its seat Id.

As the industry continues to evolve, and video advertising is on the rise, technical capabilities for publishers are becoming more crucial.

Publishers are constantly looking for platforms that can provide them with various integrations solutions for monetization.

Eyal Betzalel, Co-CEO of Primis.

The Out of the Box RTB solution is supported for all devices and all video formats. 

These capabilities give publishers more control over the monetization and better monitoring of their brand. That means more efficient and effective revenue streams along with fully transparent reporting.

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