Primis Expands Partnership with HUMAN: Continuing the Fight Against Ad Fraud

Primis Expands Partnership with HUMAN: Continuing the Fight Against Ad Fraud
This article appeared in Yahoo Finance on August 2nd, 2021.

We are thrilled to announce we are expanding our partnership with HUMAN, the global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and marketing fraud. This marks the fourth year the two companies have partnered in the battle against ad fraud.
"We are committed to the fight against bad actors in digital media. Providing publishers and advertisers with a safe and trustworthy environment continues to be our primary goal and there is no better partner to have in this battle than HUMAN." - Maayan Segal, VP, Clients of Primis


“We are thrilled to expand on an already outstanding partnership with Primis as we continue enhancing our capabilities aimed to protect the growing video ecosystem from fraud and attacks by bad actors,” said HUMAN SVP of Customer Success Operations Megan Baker. "Primis continues to play a leading role in the fight against fraud as evidenced by the publication of their new tool, which bolsters publishers' good cyber hygiene with clear and actionable insights into how to clean and maintain the use of their ads.txt files—a vital part of ad tech."

The partnership focused on the measuring of SIVT, will continue to enable our Primis publisher community to operate within the video supply chain with confidence the impressions that pass through are human-verified. We are part of a growing community of HUMAN partners that collectively protect the industry from sophisticated fraudulent methods.

HUMAN verifies more than ten trillion digital interactions per week, working directly with the largest internet platforms, DSPs, and exchanges. The technology uses a multilayered detection methodology to spot SIVT and stop sophisticated bot attacks, incorporating technical evidence, continuous adaptation, machine learning, and the Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team. As a result, HUMAN Advertising Integrity blocks non-human traffic across all platforms, from desktop and mobile web to CTV and mobile app.

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