Primis Receives MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Approval From Google

Primis Receives MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Approval From Google
It's another proud moment for us at Primis, as we received Google's approval to partner in their new Multiple Customer Management (MCM) program. MCM is a new initiative to ensure traffic reaches an elite standard of quality, and we're honored to join an exclusive group of companies to achieve this status.  

Over the past few months, we have been working hand-in-hand with the team at Google Ad Manager to bring it to fruition. It was a pleasure to update my colleagues and let them know our hard work had paid off. 

MCM is a part of Google's broader initiative to help clean up the industry by eliminating spam and increasing the amount of high-quality traffic flowing to the advertisers. Primis shares these values and priorities and is thrilled to be among Google's partners to adopt the standard and bring it to market.


In recent years, the ad tech industry has gone through sweeping changes to promote quality, transparency, and privacy. At Primis, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of these movements. We’re happy to be in business with partners such as Google, which plays an outsized role in modernizing the entire ecosystem's standards and practices.

We were one of the first companies to adopt ads.txt when it was launched in early 2017 and among the earliest adopters of seller.json. These initiatives represented real progress in the industry and the efforts being made to ensure an equitable, safe, and transparent media exchange. Last year, we also announced an expanded partnership with leading fraud detection firm White Ops, joining forces with them to promote a clean and trusted video supply chain. 

Our primary goal is to supply our partners with the highest quality of video inventory standards in a brand-safe and spam-free environment while ensuring their ads remain viewable and discoverable above industry benchmarks. This recognition from Google Ad Manager and the other certifications we hold reflects our commitment to these high standards. 

A huge thanks to our collaborators at Google for helping us through the process, for their commitment to promote a future for digital video based on quality, transparency, and trust.