Why We Implemented Sellers.JSON and Supply Chain

Why We Implemented Sellers.JSON and Supply Chain
This past June, Primis became one of the first platforms in the industry to go live with sellers.json and supply chain initiatives. It continues to be a priority for our company to be transparent both internally and externally so this decision was very much in line with our culture.

About Sellers.JSON and Supply Chain

Supply chain and sellers.json are two separate initiatives that both enable buyers to understand intermediaries. We support both of them:

Sellers. JSON

Sellers.json enables buyers to discover who, in particular, are either direct sellers or intermediaries in the selling of digital advertisements. The identities of all final sellers of a given bid request become discoverable through a published sellers.json file.

Rather than supplying this information with every bid request, sellers.json allows the material to be searched and cached offline, thus enabling smaller bid request object sizes.

Supply Chain

The SupplyChain object allows buyers to see all of the entities who are selling or reselling each impression. This is important to buyers because it makes the supply chain transparent and ensures that all intermediaries are approved. It also enables the inventory to be purchased as directly as possible.

The SupplyChain object allows publishers to plainly see who is participating in the sale of any piece of their inventory. It is composed of a set of nodes where each node signifies a particular entity that acts in the selling of an impression. The whole chain of nodes represents all of the sellers paid for each impression.
These initiatives, in addition to TAG certification, MRC accredited verification, GDPR compliance, and 100% ads.txt adoption are essential in our mission to go above and beyond for our publishing and demand partners, ensuring transparency and high quality inventory.

Eyal Bezalel
Primis, Co-CEO

For more information about sellers.JSON and supply chain, visit the iab Tech Lab website. Primis Sellers.JSON can be found here.

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