Primis Unveils Latest Contextual Solution “Power Verticals”

Primis Unveils Latest Contextual Solution “Power Verticals”
This article appeared in Yahoo Finance on February 16, 2022. 

Primis, the leading Video Discovery platform for global publishers and founders of (a part of Universal McCann and Interpublic Group) today unveiled its latest inventory packaging solution - Power Verticals. With this new product, Primis offers pre-roll video inventory from websites with mutual attributes delivering an experience that gives buyers confidence their purchase will be in front of the audiences they care about the most.

Primis Power Verticals launches with specifically targeted packages in Music, Gaming, Latin-X, and Finance. Each vertical offers detailed demographic representation and millions of available impressions from publishers most frequented by the target consumers.

This approach enables advertisers to create a simultaneous presence in strategic placements boosting awareness and traction among desired audiences with viewability and completion rates exceeding 80%.
“Inventory accessibility is essential for our demand teams when working with a large-scale supply-side video platform such as Primis,” says Heather Carver, SVP, Seller Accounts at Magnite. “Power Verticals are the perfect solution, packaging inventory into attractive verticals in a way that supports our current efforts and helps us prepare for the end of third-party cookies by providing relevant contextual based inventory we can work with.”

“Inventory packaging through contextual means is one of the most pursued areas for advertisers. It offers high probability viewership and strong returns,” said Maayan Segal, VP Clients at Primis. ”Our new Power Verticals provide ideal video solutions for a broad spectrum of advertisers, giving demand partners a more efficient way to spend their budgets. We’re strong in these verticals, we’ve worked in them for years, and we know we have the knowledge and experience to help drive results.״

Power Verticals are now available across Primis’ network of publishers. All Primis video solutions deliver low latency units under a brand-safe environment in full compliance with both GDPR and CCPA regulations.