Product Updates: Closed Captions and Two New Skins

Product Updates: Closed Captions and Two New Skins
For the product team here at Primis, providing a great user experience is our North Star. We get very excited when presented with the opportunity to improve the experience of visitors to our publishing partners’ websites. That’s why we are introducing two exciting new features to our Video Discovery units this week; Closed Captions and two new video skins.

These enhancements to our product fulfill the common purpose of achieving the unmatched, industry-leading user experience that we prioritize.

Closed Captions

We will begin rolling out Closed Captions as a default option for playlists across the Primis network this week. While the feature is common on other video channels, like Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix, we are among the first to implement it on a video ad unit.

The Primis unit will be using AI and machine learning tech from the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) in order to integrate automated Speech-to-Text into our platform. These capabilities will be free for our partners that are promoting their own content through the Primis unit. We want to ensure that our partners maintain the high UX standards that they have come to expect from Primis.



Closed Captions will enhance user experience, allowing site visitors to take control of their own viewing experience by offering them the option to consume video content through text. It will also have a positive impact on how the hearing impaired community consumes video content.

Through testing, we have concluded that this will increase user time-on-page and overall engagement. This includes interactions with the unit, such as turning the volume on, choosing full screen and viewing another video in the attached playlist.

Two New Skins

Our other upcoming development is the release of two new skins that publishers can choose for their native Primis video units. These skins provide new possibilities for how publishers display their discovery units. 


Customizability enables a more native unit. And when a video ad unit blends seamlessly into a website, it improves user experience, draws higher engagement and earns more revenue. So, not only will these players look great on articles and blogs, they will make visitors happy and keep them consuming content.

Begin Using These Features

Want to implement Closed Captions onto your Primis unit? Think that one of these new skins will enhance your video content? 

Then reach out to your Primis Customer Success Manager or send us a contact request if you are not yet a Primis partner.

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