A lightning fast video player, with a slick and futuristic look. Fully customizable - showing recommendations, your logo colors and much more. With the easiest implementation out there.


A leading content management system, making it easier than ever to manage your videos. Whether it’s creating a specific playlist, choosing a different video for each page, running it by category or any other need you’ve got, we can help.


Providing an in-depth analysis of all the important metrics. Simple and intuitive, it empowers you to make all the right decisions to achieve top results with your content and quality engagement with your users.


With over 10 years in the advertising industry, and close partnerships with leading brands globally, we offer industry-leading CPM’s.

[In-house content solutions]

We can either create prime video content catering to your specific audience, or guide you creative-wise in developing your own content.

[Syndication solutions]

We have what you need to become a top video publisher, including the most engaging videos from the top YouTube creators.


Can you teach a digital dog new tricks?


Yes you can.