Discovery and

Video Discovery helps users discover
high-quality video content.

To recommend the most targeted
video, a huge
video library is integral.
This is where video
comes in.

As a syndication partner, your videos
will be
consumed and monetized by
100s of millions of users.

at Scale

Primis content partners gain access to
of domains across all
verticals, providing an
entirely new
revenue stream.

With a dedicated account manager
and an
automated video discovery
engine, you have
more time and
resources to create compelling
video content.

Videos Recommended
Unique Users
IAB Categories
Video Creators
Better ROI
For Your

Producing quality video content is
costly. With 15 years
in ad tech, Primis
is the perfect partner to monetize
video impressions, helping you get a
positive ROI on
your productions.

Instead of relying on just your
domains, YouTube, and
gain reach across thousands of
domains, all supplying you
with a share of
industry-leading CPMs.

Some words from our partners
Jonathan Skogmo Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Jukin Media We are excited to offer a portion of our library to Primis users... leveraging innovative technology to provide users with powerful video content
Josh Jaffe GM at Inc. Digiday Publishing Executive of the Year: “Our partnership with Primis took another step forward by driving audience engagement, brand awareness, and revenue via Primis Syndication Program for publishers
Max Rybakov VP of Product, Investing Channel We are dedicated to creating engaging and compelling video content about the stock market and Primis has been an effective and lucrative channel for us to share that content with new audiences.
Lianne Ryan Head of Licensing at Caters News Agency Primis Video Discovery technology was a logical progression for us and another step towards furthering our reach.