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Primis, Video Discovery is leading the way in video monetization. Used by 100s of digital publishers worldwide to recommend high-quality video content users love.

We’re part of Universal McCann and IPG, two of the biggest global ad agencies in the ad tech world, and we’re making big moves in the industry. We’re growing, and we’d love for you to join us.

We Got Your Back


Access to private health care
and insurance packages.

Food on the Go

Full stocked fridges, Cibus,
in-house Care and caterers.

Work from Home

Flexibility is key in the modern
work environment.


Learn from industry professionals.
From McCann’s in-person training
to online learning.

Happy Hour

Happy by name, happy by nature,
and just another reason to get together.

Company Activities

Where to begin… Parties, getaways,
team fun days and so much more…

Israel Urlanis

Working in Primis is not just exciting and enjoyable; it’s inspiring. Everyone is not only the best specialist in their field but also a wonderful person. The atmosphere of mutual inclusion multiplies all the positive qualities many times over. So if you are looking for the best place to realize your potential and grow to the fullest, you will not find a better place than Primis!

Israel Urlanis

QA Engineer

Why do I love working for Primis? The people. The climate conditions. Our role and the significant work we accomplish in the industry. The amounts of fun. The trips. There’s no place like Primis – trust me, I know

Leor Carmon

Publisher Success Manager

Alice Vilhovik

Working at Primis is practically learning something new and growing every day! Really makes me better at what I do and what I love. I’m crazy about my job, and I love my team, my boss, and the rest of the great people in Primis (and their dogs)!

Alice Vilhovik

QA Engineer

A Bit About Us

We are ever-evolving, love change and are driven by our passion. We’ve grown from
a small start-up to a thriving business, ten years a part of two of the biggest global
ad agencies.

It’s all about the people. We all know each other. We work together, play together,
and are truly more than just a group of people. We genuinely are friends. That sort of
environment doesn’t just happen. It’s because it’s a priority that people fit in and feel
good, not just about their work but at work.

Office Life

The Primis Office is a newly renovated space spread over
2 floors with a large adjoining staircase. On the same floor
as the McCann Cafe and gym. With an eating area,
arcade gaming console, plenty of couches, and booths for
quiet chats.

Come into work, greet your friends and colleagues, maybe
spot a local celeb and grab a coffee from the cafe.

Office - Stav & shir

Our Space

We are situated at the entrance of the Ramat Hachayal industrial area, in the beautiful
McCann building; with its own cinema, gym, cafe, and one of the best rooftops in Tel Aviv.

McCann House TLV, 2A Raoul Wallenberg St.
Tel Aviv, Israel 6971902